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Some of Our Favorites.

Cara + Cameron | Roche Harbor, San Juan Island

Friends and family are the two best words to describe Cara and Cameron's wedding at Roche Harbor. It was full of both, along with loads of fun. They had a private vow exchange in the church just for family, followed by a traditional ceremony in the lawn. From a film making standpoint look for birds eye view shots and crash zooms, I really love how they augment this video!
Cara + Cameron | Roche Harbor
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Carson + Dave | Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island

Married by their mutual best friend, Carson and Dave had one of the sweetest ceremonies ever. On this drizzly Northwest Day out at Doe Bay, these two exchanged their vows while fighting back the chill. Keep an eye out for the hi-fives during the ceremony, I don't think we've ever seen that one before. These two compliment each other in every way possible.