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Wedding Packages

Our Recommendations.
We’ve designed these packages to help you decide what you want covered on and before your wedding day, how long of a final video you want to have to share, and what kind of video you want created.
3 Cinematographers
Full Day Coverage
Aerial Coverage
Up to 3 hours film Coverage of Rehearsal Dinner
2 Hours of Interview Coverage the day before your wedding 
Featured Length Film: 30-45 minutes
Trailer 3-5 minute video
Love Story  Instagram Video: 20 Seconds
Wedding Instagram Video: 25 seconds

Package 2

3 Cinematographers 
Full Day coverage
Up to 3 hours film time of Rehearsal Dinner
Aerial Coverage
Full Length video: 10-15 minutes
Trailer 3-5 minute video
Wedding Instagram Video: 25 seconds 

Package 3

2 Cinematographers
8 Hours of coverage
Extended Video: 5-7 minute video
Trailer: 3-5 minute video

Package 4

6 Hours of coverage
Trailer: 3-5 minute video

Package 5

2 Cinematographers
Ceremony Coverage
2 hours of coverage
Short Trailer: 2-3 minute video

Create Your Own Package

Get Wild! Piece together the video you want.
If you'd like to add on to the above packages, or simply create your own, choose from these options to design your own custom package.

Cover the Basics

2 Hours pre-ceremony Coverage: $1,000
Ceremony Coverage (Up to 1 hour): $1,300
Speeches (Up to 1 hour): $1,000
Rehearsal Dinner Coverage: $850
Day Before Interviews: $400/hour
Love Story Film (3 hours of coverage and editing): $1,200
Aerial Coverage: $750
Additional camera operator: $350/hour
Underwater Coverage: $450

Add on Cameras

2 angle edit of speeches: $650
Full Ceremony Film: $450
Ceremony Highlight Film (3-5 minutes): $300

Additional Editing 

Imagining something else that we didn't list? Tell us!
We love to collaborate in all parts of our work, from video concepts to shooting techniques. 

Your Inspiration

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